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Udra Construction Private Limited’s Strong belief in Social Responsibility is inspired through its commitment to take care of Environment , Health and Safety of its employees and neighborhood.

With our goal of becoming the leader in the industry, our aim in human resource management it’s our continuous endeavor to reform our organization structure to human resource for better productivity and performance.

Our Organization is built and grown by combination of achievements, business expansion and commitment to the society. Progressing ahead with business interests, what we never forget in our Social Responsibility. We believe in building relationship both internally and externally. We are committed to protect health and safety of our employees and community where we operate.

Our efforts always have been focused on developing incident free operational environment.

It is by adhering to social values and commitment to the society that we are able to prosper and look forward to contribute more in the years to come.


UCPL is committed to the health and safety of its employees, customers and the surrounding neighborhood. Their health takes precedence over our economic goals and priorities. We provide a safe work-place for our employees and communities by taking appropriate steps to eliminate health and safety hazards that can cause accidents and disease. Our proactive health planning supports programs and policies that increase company productivity by advocating interventions that promote good health and minimize the adverse individual and company effects of illness and injury.

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